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Best Experience

Being able to navigate the many Federal and State Government Policies and Procedures is difficult for even the most capable person.

At OCG we have made it our Policy to have subject matter experts with outstanding ability to communicate the complexities in a simple and actionable way. To ensure that you and your team has the very best experience with your training initiatives, we have collated a number of resources for you, a tool kit.

These tools will take the confusion from the process, educate your team on the opportunity and make the path clear for success.

Client Website

We have created a client website that links to all your resources and tools at a click of a button.

On this page, there is an explainer video that quickly communicates the benefits of a nationally accredited qualification to improve trainees’ skills through workplace-based training. In addition to this, you will find FAQ’s, Career Pathways, links to each of these Qualifications, and a Communication Flyer to help disseminate this to your team. 


Many questions are on the mind of both the employer and the employee when they embark on training journey. To assist your team in understanding what to expect and how training impacts each party, we have a Q&A Sheet that will answer these questions for you. If you find that you have more questions than you have answers for you dedicated Account Manager will be able to guide you.

Career Pathways

Competency-based training enables a workforce to be created with opportunities to suit everyone.The Career Pathways and Qualifications outlines the selected training course opportunities for your team, making it easy for everyone to be part of this process.
We, at OCG are here to support you with your mission of investing back into people's career progression.

We will help you get there

The website also has a 3 steps guide of what your employees need to have ready to fill out the digital Registration Form. Below we explain exactly what is the Registration Form and why it is so important.

Step 1:

A USI is your individual education number that gives you an online record of your VET training undertaken in Australia. If you're at university, TAFE or doing other nationally recognised training, you need a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This is the first step required to undertake any training.

Navigating Government websites is not often easy, so we have The link provided will take you to the USI Website.

Step 2:
Read the Checklist

As part of the sign-up process, a Registration of Interest form is to be completed for you to be enrolled in training. We have created a checklist that summarises a fast process.

The Registration of Interest form takes about 7 minutes to fill out. The link to the checklist is on your client website outlines exactly what is needed and how to fill in the form.

Step 3:

This digital form is the most important step to unlocking the potential within the training opportunity.
The information that your employee fills in on this form is what is used by the various governments to create the Training Contract and to create the Training Plan with Registered Training Provider.
At OCG we have set up various API integrations to ensure the accuracy of this data transfer, as well as the security of your employee's information.