Just bring your current photo ID, Medicare card and a proof of address for proof of Citizenship/Permanent Residency. The enrolment paperwork takes no more than 30 – 45 minutes to complete. Yes, you are paid to attend this! This will be completed at your workplace at an appropriate time given by your Leadership team.

The company recommends that team members enrol as it will result in a more skilled workforce, as well as a Nationally Recognised Qualification for you. You will be assessed for prior knowledge for credits for the course.

Each program is designed to take 12 – 24 months in duration. Expectations will include 1 hour paid training time per week.

Information sessions and enrolments will be commencing immediately. However, once the training program commences training sign ups will occur every month for new employees, so no one misses out. This structure is determined by funding and is subject to change.

The training will be delivered via workbooks and will have on the job components. Theory is delivered in the classroom and then put into practice during your daily job. Upon enrolling and confirmation of your eligibility, you will be supplied with a training plan that will guide you in completing your course. 

The course is delivered inhouse but is Nationally Recognised, so you can take the skills and qualification with you anywhere. Your qualification will be issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our company will be using the National Training Framework and tailoring training and assessment activities to meet training needs. If you leave during the period of studying towards a qualification, an agreement will be signed and you will no longer be funded.

Yes, this course will include paid training time over the next 12 months. During the course, we will pay you for 1 hour per week, training time. We ask that you respect the 1 hour and also complete a reasonable amount of study during your own time, unpaid by your employer.

No. This is a joint venture between your workplace and the Government whereby associated fees are paid by the business and the Government funds you to train on the job.

You will complete a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

Through a mix of workbooks completed in theory sessions, and then assessed practically in the workplace. We have designed a number of workplace-based projects to allow implementation of the theory learnt.

If you are currently enrolled in the same course, please request a transcript from your training organisation. From there you are able to transfer what you have currently completed and can transfer into your new course. You are entitled to a refund for the units you have not received or completed.

Our company believes in quality education and putting our customers and team at the forefront of everything we do, which is why we have worked together with the RTO to bring this training program into our business. You will not only receive quality training, but also amazing support from having our own trainers, paid monthly training sessions and ongoing learning support.