Training Health Check

Our complimentary Training Health Check is an opportunity to assess your overall training and human capital performance to identify areas for improvement without incurring any costs. This evaluation covers various aspects of your training and people development, including measures of operational efficiency. Our expert consultants will analyse the results for strengths and weaknesses. Insights gained from this assessment will be communicated to enable your businesses to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and enhance profitability, to empower your business to stay competitive and achieve sustainable growth.

Rate the presence and activity level of training programs within your business.
Rate your business's use of state and federal funding to support your training program(s).
How aware are you of the current federal budget changes that may affect funded training for your business?
How interested are you in exploring solutions to optimize funding incentives to support your training programs and deliver positive outcomes?
How would you describe the balance between in-house and outsourced training programs in your business?
If applicable, how would you rate your current nationally accredited training programs?
How satisfied are you with the current completion rates of your training programs?
Where do you see the core skills gaps within your business?
To what extent are your employees required to complete standard operating procedures or work instructions?
How aware are you of work readiness programs that support new employees in acquiring the correct skill sets to join your business?